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All Bully for You operations and activities are funded by donations from our network of caring supporters around the country. We have been fortunate to maintain a continual flow of donations that support our day to day activities, but to build a sustainable foundation to grow upon we must also grow our network of supporters.

Below are our current successful fundraisers that allow you to support our efforts from anywhere in the world. You can donate to Bully for You through various means. Many of our fundraisers utilize PayPal for ease but we can also accept cash, checks, credit cards, or supplies. See list of specific supplies here.

However you decide to donate, please know that 100% of your donation goes directly to the well being of the bulldogs. Not one cent is allocated to administrative pay or compensation. See which options below best suited you and thank you for your consideration to help our bullies


has been our most successful platform for raising monthly donations. This is an online event held on the 1st of every month. Our goal is to raise $50 per bulldog each month. Donations raised from virtual fostering are used to pay for food and heartworm preventatives.

Many people would love to care for one of our bullies but are unable. Now through Virtual Fostering, you can.


continues to be a reliable way for donors to assure their contributions are going directly to the care of our bullies. Every bulldog that comes into Bully for You will undergo a wellness exam and be brought up to date on vaccinations. Spays and neuters are a top priority when needed. Specialty surgeries are also very common.

Donating directly to our vet is another easy way to help get these bullies healthy and happy.


have proven to be successful source of donations for Bully for You since they began. We have wonderful items we put up for bid that draw many Facebook fans and bulldog enthusiasts. Bids are posted directly on our page so you can watch as the time runs out or be notified when an auction ends.


Get sneak peeks and learn more about Bully for You and our auctions at

​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!
Send us your name, email and a brief message on why and how you'd like to help. Our bullies can you use all the support they can get.


Thanks! Message sent.

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