Monthly Virtual Foster

Join us on the first of every month to donate $10 or more to your favorite bully or bullies from our foster roster! If you fill all five of a bully's $10 spots, they are then fully sponsored for the month! All money raised from the event goes toward food for this month. Please don't forget that this is only a 24 HOUR event, and we need to reach our goal by midnight Central time. This is to ensure we have the money transferred and available by the time we need to place our order. Thank you to all who donate and become virtual foster parents to our rescued bullies!

Instructions are listed below. If you're interested in becoming a monthly subscriber to fully sponsor one of the bullies, contact us and we can make arrangements for automatic payments.



  1. Available spots are shown in the top left corner of each dog's image.

  2. Click on the image of the dog you'd like to foster.

  3. Select the quantity of spots you'd like to fill (min 1, max 5).

  4. Add to cart and continue shopping.

  5. When finished proceed to View Cart.

  6. Follow the instructions to checkout via PayPal.

The Subscription here allows you to automatically foster 2 dogs each month. 

Various subcription options are availabe. Please contact us if you are interested

in subscribing for more or less fosters.